importance of the dictograph in crime detection

More on the recent events of  Adaptive v. Yahoo! soon but in the mean time please see Paul Levy here and Felix Salmon here.

I’ve been very busy and uninspired so I’ve had nothing to write lately but here are some fun stories worth a read:

Wired UK has a long and fanciful asset tracing story here.

Jules Kroll’s publicist has been working overtime. He got himself a profile in the New Yorker. The first couple of paragraphs are here but you need a digital or print subscription to read the whole article.

You also might want to click on some of the key word links. You can see a portion of the 1943 article about Raymond C. Schindler, head of the Schindler Bureau of Investigation, who tells us about the “importance of the dictograph in crime detection.”


You can get the New Yorker story from Kroll himself here.


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